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Why is having daily ritual so important? • •• It is just for YOU •• It is a form of self-care that ensures you practice every day •• It keeps the connection between yourself and the Universe clear and strong •• It allows for growth and abundance through the practice of gratitude •• It is grounding •• It heals •• It is forever evolving, keeping you in flow, and raising your vibration • My ritual didn't always look this way and sometimes it still doesn't 🤷‍♀️ I have been #blessed this year with an amazing open space in my home, after my tenants flew the coop. Slowly, I've been building Take My Hand Wellness center while I put together my upcoming program offer (follow this page for details in the upcoming weeks!) and recently I've been using this space for my own personal ritual. But it actually began with me, knelt down at my bedside - no bells, crystals, statues, or offerings - five minutes before closing my eyes for the day 🙏 Just five minutes to say THANK YOU to the Universe and all of my Divine Guides for another day on this Loving Earth. Five minutes to reflect on my day. Five minutes just for ME 🙌🌻 • I fell in love with this ritual. After I got my Reiki 1, I developed this practice to teach me what it feels like to love life again and boy, did I ever fall in love HARD. The miracles that have followed in my life as a result of committing to this ritual, committing to myself again, leave me completely at a loss for words. There isn't a THANK YOU that is loud or clear enough to describe them all with you 😋 When my tenants told us the news, I went straight into panic mode because fear told me that we needed the rent money. But my intuition and my daily ritual laughed in the face of fear and Spirit told me, "Surrender, Dear One. You are supported, I promise!" So I listened and I took a leap and started creating in that space. From that creation, this wellness center was birthed, among many other blessings, most of them being people who entered my life as a result. Every day, I have more and more love to fuel my daily ritual and much to be grateful for 💖 What are you grateful for today?

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