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What if I told you that you fulfilled your life’s purpose the moment you came into this Earth? What if I told you your very being, the simple fact of your existence, is enough? Take a nice deeeep breath and read that again… You have already fulfilled your life’s purpose, simply by being.

I AM is a very powerful affirmation. It’s powerful because it forces you back into flow, by allowing you to be present in this very moment and just BE. Just for a moment, I welcome you to exist in the knowledge that just BEING here and being YOU is enough. Doesn’t it feel GOOD?! Doesn’t it feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and your energetic field?

Now, I’m not here to invalidate your life’s work and what you have perceived as your purpose your whole life. Your work here is far from done. Your work, medicines, passions, your loved ones… they matter! But more and more, I am meeting beautiful souls that are STRESSED TF OUT about not doing enough, being enough or contributing enough. Stop that!

Love what you do because your purpose has already been fulfilled. What you do with that purpose should be done in the knowledge that you are completely, fully supported. When you work this way, in this energy, your fears of not “measuring up” have no place in your life. They no longer serve a purpose because you exist in the knowledge that everything after your birth, everything you do to spread your light and take care of others is a BONUS. It’s the over-time of your life.

Let me say it again, I AM ENOUGH, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

So tell me, how will you step into this knowledge and show up differently in the world? What limiting beliefs are you going to let go of, knowing that your very existence is enough to be worthy of being showered with the greatest LOVE the Universe has to offer? ☮☯️

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