Welcome, Divine One

At Take My Hand Wellness we take a loving, compassionate approach to healing, that always begins with a conversation. This is a judgement free space where anyone can share which parts of their Mind, Body and Soul they would like to heal.


Welcome and thank you for joining me here. My name is Rosa Crispo. As a Reiki and Intuitive Healer, I promise to be an unbiased channel for the Divine and work with your guides as well as my own, to send loving, healing energy to the parts of your life that need an energetic pick me up (or an overhaul, let's be real!)  The aim in every session, whether you are looking for a chakra aligning treatment, clearing smudge bath, Gua Sha facial, Oracle card reading or guided meditation, is to show you just how much you matter, just how worthy you are of being here and being loved, and how self care is anything but selfish. From conscious 1:1 conversations, to group guided journeys and sacred sound baths, I live to SERVE. 


Many hands make light work and when we do this together, hand in hand, we heal not only ourselves, but generations to come.


So, come, take my hand and let's heal together!